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DPR have recently completed a project at a home in Holmfield Avenue, Morley, Leeds to reduce and control levels of condensation.

Following an initial survey and assessment, DPRs condensation engineers visited the Morley property and concluded that the house was suffering from above acceptable levels of condensation, causing a mould and damp problem and consequently damage to the walls, ceiling and windows.

How does condensation arise?
The amount of water in the air varies with temperature, as warm air has a greater water-holding capacity than cold air. Air within a building is usually warm and carries a considerable quantity of water vapour. When it is cooled by contact with cold surfaces or by night-time heating shut-down, the excess water can no longer be supported in the air and condenses as liquid water on wall and window surfaces. Condensed water on windows runs down and collects on the bottom rail and sill, often causing dark mould spots. Similar evidence of condensation can be seen on walls and ceilings, where large patches of green or black mould can appear, damaging decorations and creating an unhealthy atmosphere through the release of spores, which can affect people with respiratory complaints.

Condensation Solution
DPR installed their 'low energy' KLEENAIR condensation control system. The DPR Kleenair system is a Whole House Ventilation System, designed to cure condensation complaints in both houses, flats and bungalows. Typically installed in the roof loft, the ventilation system manages the balance between hot and cold air, therefore curing the condensation completely.

Its benefits include:

  • CURES CONDENSATION – Wet windows, mould growth, mildew and mustiness
  • Is far more effective than dehumidifiers
  • One unit deals with a whole home
  • Has negligible running costs
  • Is whisper quiet – you'll never know its there
  • Can be installed in your roof loft
  • Is totally automatic in operation – no containers to empty
  • Improves home security – no need to open windows
  • Provides all year round ventilation
  • Eliminates household odours – cooking, tobacco, pets, etc
  • Improves temperature distribution from conventional radiators
  • Is virtually maintenance free
  • 5 Year warranty.

The owners of the property in Morley, Leeds were both surprised and amazed at the results, commenting, "DPRs engineers installed the condensation control unit in our roof loft, with the minimum fuss and effort and within 24 hours we saw results. It is so quiet we wouldn't even know it was there".

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