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Insulating a Pitched Roof – The Complete Guide

Feeling the cold in your home? The problem might be your roof.

Roof insulation is a simple way to keep more heat in your home. However, if you have a pitched roof, this could seem tricky. Don’t worry – we’ve got all the information you need when it comes to insulating a pitched roof.

Read on as we look at the ins and outs of pitched roof insulation.

The importance of roof insulation

Why do you need to insulate your roof?

As anyone who’s done high-school science will know, heat rises. According to the Energy Saving Trust, up to a quarter of a home’s heat is lost through an uninsulated roof. This is why roof insulation is essential if you’re looking to keep the heat in.

When should I install roof insulation?

The quickest, easiest and most cost-effective time to install roof insulation is during the initial construction of a home or roof. Why? Installing roof insulation on existing homes requires internal ceilings to removed. This is both disruptive and adds to the cost. Alternatively, an opportune time for homeowners to install roof insulation is during roof renewal. This allows you to “kill two birds with one stone” by combining jobs with minimal inconvenience and cost.

The roof insulation process

So, down to the nitty gritty – how is best to insulate a pitched roof?

Block insulation is an effective way to insulate the roof, but needs to be installed correctly to have its full effect. It needs to be fitted between the rafters of a home, but with space allowing for an air gap.

For instance, a 100mm rafter depth should be insulated to around 75-80mm. Much like in double glazed windows, this small gap of air acts as an important insulated layer for your roof insulation. It also acts to prevent condensation, by allowing air to circulate between the roof and insulation.

Other important considerations

It’s also worth remembering that any repairs to your roof should be completed before adding roof insulation. If your roof has a leak, for example, this will lead to the insulation becoming soaked and less effective. The insulation will also make any leaks or potential repairs harder to spot, so it really is essential to fully survey your roof beforehand.

Get the experts in

If you’re looking for roof insulation specialists in Yorkshire, you’re in the right place. DPR Roofing have nearly 30 years of experience in roof insulation across Leeds, Huddersfield, Barnsley, Pontefract and Wakefield. Whatever the job, our roofing specialists work to the highest standards to give you long-lasting and high-performing results. No hassle – and no need to fork out in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How soon will I get my quote?
A. faqOnce we have carried out a full survey of your property we will send you a detailed quote within 48 hours.faq
Q. Are you insured?
A. faqYes. DPR Roofing Leeds are fully covered for public and employers liability.faq
Q. Is your work guaranteed?
A. faqAll work is guaranteed. The guarantee length is dependent on the type of work being undertaken and range from 1 year to 10 years. Please ask for more details.faq
Q. Can we buy equipment from you?
A. faqWhilst we provide the roofing materials for work we carry out, we are not a stockists of roofing materials and thus you cannot buy roofing supplies from ourselves and do it yourself.faq
Q. Do you sub contract your work out?
A. faqNo all of DPR's team are professionally qualified in all areas of roofing work and therefore we have no need to sub contract. We only sub contract when any additional work requires a specialist professional e.g. electrician etc.faq
Q. What if the weather is bad on the date of my works?
A. faqThe safety of our staff and your property is extremely important to DPR and therefore we would postpone any work until a more suitable day.faq
Q. Do I need to take time off work?
A. faqFor your initial survey it may be necessary for us to have access to the inside of your property e.g. to look at leak areas. However any external works where access is not required would not need you to be present.faq
Q. How long will the job take?
A. faqRepairs are usually completed within a day and renewals can be a number of days. DPR will provide you with an accurate works completion date after the survey is undertaken.faq
Q. Can we pay by credit or debit card over the phone?
A. faqYes. We take all forms of paymentfaq
Q. When are you open for business?
A. faqWe are open from 6am to 5pm Monday-Thursday (6am to 4pm on Fridays) for office enquiries and 7 days a week for emergency works. We offer 24 hour emergency assistance.faq
Q. Do you carry out insurance works?
A. faqYes we carry out insurance works for all the major providers.faq
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